Transcendence & Sleep

23 February 2003
8:03 PM

Another week of school dead ahead! I'm not quite sure why I waited a week to write again. Two possible reasons: (1) Scholastic and (2) Scholastic. I was up until 8:40AM last Wednesday finishing the last Scholastic issue under the old staff. That wiped me out for awhile. I had a logic quiz Thursday which went pretty well (I think) except for a couple stupid mistakes.

Sean, Margaret, Elizabeth, and I went to the Olive Garden and Chicago Saturday night. Chicago was awesome! And the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake at the Olive Garden was a transcendent experience (it was unanimous).

My roommates and I have been keeping track of our sleep the past week for statistical purposes. The latest results with the average nightly hours of sleep are in:
Chris - 9h 14min
David - 6h 47min
Michael - 7h 51min
Ryan - 6h 48min

This week: two exams, one paper, and parents visiting for the weekend. On that note, it's time to get back to work.