So This Is Blog

6 February 2003
9:00 PM

So this is day one of my blog. For those of you outside the know, a blog is a weblog (those engineering types are so clever). And it's basically an online journal. Enough technobabble: this is your way to access the latest in the magically whimsical world of me. Some will ask, "Ryan, is your world actually magically whimsical?" The answer is, without a doubt, definitively, "Maybe." That's for you to decide. My job is to give you the scoop day in and day out on my goings on. Except you shouldn't hold me to that ridiculous daily promise.

And now we get down to business: it's Thursday night. The nice things about my Thursday nights is that it's basically Friday. The weekend is a mere 50 minutes of economics discussion and 50 minutes of Spanish away. Unfortunately, except for a few welcome distractions, the weekend homework forecast is mostly cloudy: Descartes paper due next Friday, a logic exam coming up fast, and plenty of catch-up reading to do. I'll make it through the wilderness, somehow, though.

Suddenly, an experience so exciting and new is over. Don't worry, I'll be back soon. Same bat-time, same bat-channel. Until then....