Off-shore, off-line, off-grid

2 January 2007
2:34 PM

This evening we’re taking our night bus 20 hours south to Chiloé for the summer missions trip with Saint George. Chiloé is an island right across from Puerto Montt, at the end of the Pan American highway. Because of its location, Chiloé was one of the very last places that was conquered in Chile, and for that same reason it is known today as a stronghold of traditional Chilean culture. The sub-island where we are traveling is called Tranqui. We have been told that there is not only no internet access—gasp!—but no electricity or potable water either. No sweat—I went without a computer for a couple weeks during a similar trip last year, so doing it again without power should be a piece of cake. And this time I even speak Spanish. If you’re interested in the mission trip itself, you can read what I wrote last year after coming back (or look at the pictures). I’ll be back January 14. In the meantime, stay tuned for some scheduled posts.