Hell is AT&T

19 September 2008
3:42 PM


With apologies to Jean-Paul Sartre, hell is AT&T. If you like, you can substitute whichever giant unresponsive corporation you like for AT&T. I spent 580 minutes on the phone with that company during three weeks trying to assess their installation of DSL service. What follows is the text of a letter I sent to AT&T this afternoon. If you deal with AT&T you probably won’t have problems, but I hope you don’t fall into a crack like I did.

Dear AT&T:

Order Confirmation from AT&T
At AT&T’s store I contracted service for $30 a month. Later operators told me to go back to the store to figure out why they gave me the wrong price.

On August 20 I walked to the AT&T store near my house (located at 2180 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley, Calif. 94704) to get pricing information for standalone DSL service. After talking with James (not his real name*), the sales representative who helped me, I signed up for AT&T DSL Direct Pro service at $30 per month. I received a printed confirmation and then email confirmation of this order (see enclosure). My activation date for my order (redacted number) was set for Aug. 27, one week later.

On Aug. 27 my DSL modem could not detect a DSL signal by the end of the day. The next morning I made the first of many phone calls to AT&T support. The first person I spoke with told me that my service had been activated. I checked the phone line in my house, searching for obvious problems. When I turned up nothing, I called AT&T again, at which point I was told my service had not been activated. Getting these two short but conflicting messages consumed near an hour on the phone, so I decided to take the problem to the source and return to the AT&T store.

At the store on Aug. 28 I waited to speak with a representative, who told me he could not help me, and put me on the phone in the store with AT&T customer service. I was connected with Robert who told me that we needed to talk with provisioning. We waited on hold together for 55 minutes before he advised me that we would probably not get through. Robert suggested that I call 800-288-2020 again the next day outside the busy hours.

Over the next several days I called several times. During one call I spoke with Grace (14 minutes), John (16 minutes), Mike (36 minutes), and Danny (42 minutes) in an unsuccessful attempt to talk with someone in provisioning. At some point after Danny transferred me to another department my call was dropped.

Friday evening, Aug. 29, I spoke with Ann (14 minutes) who informed me that, “Your order is supposed to complete by 9:55 pm Pacific time tonight.” There was no change by that time, so I called AT&T where I spoke with Nicholas (12 minutes), who told me to call the “due date no-sync” department in provisioning. He gave me the number 888-722-3755, saying that it would connect me with provisioning. Since it was the beginning of Labor Day weekend, I waited until Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Sept. 2, I called the number and was informed that it was not the number for provisioning. I spoke with Angie, who waited for 57 minutes on hold with me to speak with provisioning, at which point she suggested that they were not going to be available to take my call. She transferred me to technical support where I spoke with Gonzalo. He told me that the problem was that I was not registered. He had me set up an account and password over the phone and enter the information in my 2Wire router. When this did not work, he assured me that, “this is a typical problem with dry-loop lines. We’ll have to wait for a few minutes. If it doesn’t work, we’ll open a ticket with maintenance.” After doing that, Gonzalo told me that my service would be working by 10:00 am the following morning. If it was not, maintenance would give me a call. My total time talking with Gonzalo was 25 minutes.

The next day my DSL was not connected and maintenance did not call. I called maintenance at 888-322-5274 and waited on hold only to be told that I needed to talk to provisioning, “because the order is still open in provisioning.” I was again told to call 877-722-3755 to speak with provisioning. I stated that I had used that number before and it was not the provisioning number, he simply reaffirmed that it was.

On Sept. 3 I tried calling the number and after waiting on hold, I spoke with a representative who told me I could not receive DSL service unless I also contracted AT&T phone service. When I explained that was why I selected “Direct” DSL service, which does not require additional AT&T services, she told me that meant that I didn’t need phone service from AT&T, but that I needed to get a phone line from someone else. When I expressed complete incredulity that I could progress so far in this process without having been informed of this significant caveat, she put me on hold to check with technical support, and subsequently my call was disconnected.

I called again and the next representative told me that I did not need phone service in addition. My case was transferred to Minnie in second tier support. She confirmed that I had “absolutely no signal” and assigned me the case number redacted number which she said I could reference when talking to maintenance if necessary.

The next day I woke up at 5:15 am PST to make it more likely that I could speak with someone in provisioning shortly after the office opened at 7:00 am CST. After a short time I spoke with Lucy who explained that there was a glitch in the system that accounted for the problem. It was a common issue with some new equipment, “the circuits are not picking them up.” She said that they had about 10,000 orders with this problem and that she could cancel my order and reissue it, which seemed to be solving the problem. She told me that she “put the order back through to them,” and it should be up in 3 to 4 days. I was told to call back on Monday to check the status.

When I had no signal by Monday, I called back Tuesday, Sept. 9 at 888-443-2430. I spoke with George (52 minutes) who told me that my original order had been cancelled, but that there was no new order. “There’s no pending orders under your address—the only one is your cancelled order.” When I explained what Lucy had told me, he said that no one in his department, provisioning, had the ability to put orders into the system. I needed to call the business office to put this order in.

I called the business office at 800-288-2020 and was told that I could sign up for AT&T Direct DSL Pro for $40 a month, $10 more than I was told at the AT&T store. I said that I was offered Direct DSL Pro for $30 a month. The woman I spoke with told me that wasn’t the right price, despite my official order sheet from AT&T and my email confirmation which stated the terms clearly. She told me that the people in the AT&T store should not have offered me this particular AT&T service because they work on mobile service. I explained that it was irrelevant to me how AT&T set up its stores. A service was offered to me at a given price, I signed up based on that knowledge, and this was nothing more than a classic bait-and-switch. She said that I could pay less by contracting phone service as well, but I was not inclined to sign up for additional services. I finished obtaining a new order from her, order number redacted number, associated with redacted number. My new activation date would be Sept. 16, another week later.

When I spoke with George in provisioning he suggested that I might be able to expedite the process by calling provisioning once I had my new order number. I tried to do so without success. After waiting on hold for 58 minutes, I had other matters to attend to and I ended my call.

Friday morning, Sept. 12, at 10:00 am I heard someone knocking on my door. An AT&T technician, Larry, arrived unannounced to work on my DSL installation. He told me that they had been unable to contact me regarding the visit despite me having provided several support representatives with my phone number to store with my record. After 30 minutes made some adjustments and my 2Wire modem indicated that I had a DSL signal for the first time since the beginning of the process. Before he left Arthur gave me an account number, redacted number, a third and distinct number to the two I had received previously. I assumed that was sufficient to finish my installation and I could talk to technical support to finish the process.

When I called technical support I provided the new account number (redacted number). The tech sounded confused and transferred me to DSL status where Becky told me that order had been cancelled as well. My call was dropped and I called back to speak with Michael who transferred me to Jose. Jose said that the order had not been cancelled. His system showed that it was scheduled to be activated Sept. 13. He called tech support to confirm this and returned to report that the order had been cancelled. The third order was still pending and would be activated on Sept. 16.

On Sept. 16 I could not connect, and the DSL signal that had been established when the technician visited my home was gone. I called AT&T where I spoke with Daniel, James in the dry-loop department, and another representative in technical support. After some perfunctory testing—unplug the modem, check the phone line, log into the router—I was given a trouble ticket (redacted number) and I was told that maintenance would definitely call me tomorrow to resolve the problem. Fortunately, they won’t have to.

Twenty-seven days after I ordered my service and 20 days after I was told my service would be activated, I still have no Internet access. During this time I spent over 580 minutes—nearly 10 hours—on the phone with AT&T and I spoke with 26 people at AT&T, most of whom asked me for the same information repeatedly before determining they could not help me and sending me to hold for another department. During this time I collected several AT&T phone numbers including 877-722-3755, 800-288-2020, 888-722-9337, 888-443-2430, 888-322-5274, 866-593-0724, 866-274-4357. Many times the phone numbers I was given were useless. Each time I called the primary DSL number, 800-722-3235, I traversed the phone tree, and spoke with a representative who informed me that he or she was an Illinois representative and that I would need to speak with a California representative.

When my original order was cancelled and replaced with two others I was told that my service would cost $40/month, $10 more than I was told at the AT&T store, $10 more than appears on my store receipt, and $10 more than appears on the email confirmation sent to me. When I told a phone representative that I was offered service at $30 a month, she told me that I had my facts wrong and that I misunderstood.

I called the customer retention department and an empathetic representative offered me a free month of service when it was finally activated.

During this trying support saga I never raised my voice, yelled at a representative, or treated a representative with disrespect. Do not construe this to mean that I am not furious about the way I have been treated as an AT&T customer. The AT&T store sales staff pleasantly signed me up for service and charged me for a DSL modem, but after that point not a single person took responsibility for resolving my problems without wasting my time. Some service representatives were pleasant and tried to be helpful, some waiting patiently on hold with me for an hour or more while we called the provisioning department. But no one from AT&T actively communicated with me during the entire process. Were it not for my persistence, I would still be waiting for some sign of service four weeks after I contracted AT&T to provide it for me without so much as an email or phone call from AT&T. For a company dedicated to communication, AT&T is downright awful at practicing it.

I called on Sept. 16 to inquire about my still inactive connection and I was told to wait until 8:00 pm when it would be activated. I had heard this routine now several times. I waited until 8:10, confirmed that service was still not working, and I made my last call to AT&T. I cancelled my DSL service. The call only took three minutes and ten seconds. It was the best service you provided me in weeks.

* I obfuscated the names of representatives to respect their privacy.


I could say the same about our ordeal with Qwest; it took us a month to get our Qwest service up and running.

Is the problem that sales people are selling things that their infrastructure can’t handle? Or is it that the world may indeed be flat, but still remains incredibly convoluted? Or should you just go wireless, since maybe AT&T’s energy is devoted to more business arrangements like the iPhone?

Interestingly, when I signed up with AT&T DSL for my business, things went just fine and the service was actually activated early.

When I signed up for residential about 18 months ago, things didn’t go so well. In fact, they signed me up for everything - including home phone - billed me, and then promptly told me that DSL service was not available at my location. Genius.

Yeah, I can say I’ve been through the AT&T customer service loop. I set up two phone lines and a DSL simultaneously in my house when we first moved in. It was hell for weeks.

My dad runs a business, and has about seven lines and a couple of DSL connections. He has a monthly placeholder on his calendar for an hour or so during which time he can call AT&T and express his grievances for the month. He’s gotten quite good at navigating the phone tree, and after months has the personal number of a rep. Not sure if that’s a good thing.

I should also mention: Comcast isn’t much better.

Well I am having the same problem. I am currently waiting for my second due date to roll by since service could not find my phone box the first day. The funny thing is it took me a week of calling to get the information out of them about the service man not being able to find the box. I was told it was provisioned, then that it wasnt, then that provisioning system is down, all sorts of false information before someone actually told me what really happened.

Worse still the day the 1st service guy came it was snowing all day and there were no tracks in the driveway, or footprints around the house so I would assume its hard to find the box when you never came to the address. If the next service guy cant find it either, which is a week from now I will be finding a new provider.

Mike Loften

on December 10, 2008 7:11 PM

It’s all too common at AT&T for maintenance and provisioning to pass the buck over who screwed up an order. I thought at first it was just a casual problem. Now I suggest each and every person that runs into this, file a PUC and FCC complaint.

If half the people that ran into this “hell” (and I do think that is a good term for it), actually followed through with submitting those complaints, you can bet AT&T would implement actual solutions.

Moral of the story: Don’t be part of the half that does nothing. File FCC and local PUC complaints if this happens to you. Don’t let them write it off as a one time, major isolated mishap. It isn’t, and they know it.

I’m anticipating switching to Direct DSL from combined service, and your story has me anticipating my own hell.

But your account of said hell is so beautifully written. :-)

I had a very similar problem. I moved. Called AT&T ahead of time to make sure my service would be transferred on the date I wanted. They turned it off one day early. No problem, I could handle that. Then they never connected it at the other address. After numerous phone calls. I spoke to no less than 30 different individuals. I finally called to cancel and my service was turned on within hours. I wish I’d known that would work earlier. I did mange to get several credits to my account out of the deal too so I guess the only solution I can offer is to threaten to cancel. It seems to work.

Ryan - Thank you so much for fully describing your ordeal. I’ve often wanted to be this thorough, but have never had the time. I’m no fan of Comcast, and was considering AT&T. I know that you say that this doesn’t happen to everyone, but I don’t have time to remain on hold, let alone get the run around. Of course, once I do a search on Comcast, perhaps I’ll find the same sad stories!

Thanks again.

A year later, and no better. Having the same problem with their U-verse service. Service reps lie without hesitation. The only chance of a solution is to threaten to cancel and speak to “customer retention” or threaten to report to FCC/BBB or any other agency.

I can understand challenges with technology or scheduling… But do not LIE!

Wellll.. You are the most dedicated “gentleman” that I have had the pleasure to “read”. I DO NOT have that gentlemanly trait after so many years. My story is similar: 4 to 5 years ago a company called ETECH (I found out the name long after I ordered DSL) representing Bell South (now AT&T). I broke a rule of mine (30 lashes) and agreed to the service telling them that “I want only to up the speed and not change anything else.” HA!! The unit was delivered and I did not understand the setup and had to stand on my head to try to do the connections. (Later - over a year- I called ATT&T and they sent 2 men over and supposedly “fixed” it — I later recieved a$90.00 bill for services rendered. NOW back to ETECH. When I Tried to use my E-mail, I found out that I could not get into it. I also recieved a letter stating that my E-mail designation had been changed. >>>dixie to >>>123. I called tech service within 24 hours and the “India indian” told me that he could not do anything about it. After several minuts an my repeating that they were the ones to correct my problem I blew my stack x7@/1/xz:1 !! For over TWO years I could not use my system because neither <<>>123 worked. After the workers came and installed the DSL I also found out that THEY HAD DUMPED ALL OF MY DATA that was on the system!! I do genelogy and all addresses were gone etc! I called several times. spent hours trying to find out WHY! “BECAUSE IT WAS NOT BEING USED. was the answer! I again went x7@/1/xz:1 !! I replied: “I was paying for it the whole damn time!!” They owe me for the two years of payments - A reestablishment of ALL my data and $$ for lost time etc. In the mean time, the systems way of doing things, lost contacts ETC has added to the problems. Sincerely Yours in the Cause, Billy B.

On August 1, 2009 I phoned AT&T, advised that I was moving from Pompano Beach Florida to Boca Raton, Florida. I provided my new address in Boca Raton and asked to have my telephone line and my Fast Speed DSL service transferred to my new address. Answers were provided to my specific questions and I was told that I would have phone service and Fast Speed DSL service at my new address on August 5th. I was told that my new phone number in Boca Raton would be 561-392-1602. The representative tried to persuade me to purchase other services and products being sold by AT&T and I thanked her and responded that all I wanted was what I already had…. A telephone landline and Fast Speed DSL. Nothing else.

I knew and I informed A T & T that the Comcast TV cable service would be included in my lease at the new Boca Raton address. I could have chosen to close my account with AT&T and simply added to Comcast cable the fast speed internet service and phone service. However, instead I chose to transfer my A T & T service based on the information provided to me by A T & T on the phone.

On August 5th my phone and DSL was not connected as promised by the AT&T service representative who I spoke to for over an hour on August 1st. On the evening of August 5th, using my T-Mobile cellular phone, I called AT&T to complain, and was told that there was no record of my order nor my having called nor conversed with anyone at A T & T. I was also informed that the 561-392-1602 AND my previous phone in Pompano of 954-979-8109 were BOTH in name of someone else. I was told several times that these numbers were NOT in my name. Due to my disbelief and my insistance, I was finally told that these numbers were in the name of someone by the name of Robin (I think it was Robin Moore). I was told that I would have to call the Sales Department as they (the sales dept) had committed an error. I was told that the Sales Dept was now closed and I would have to call them the following day. The lady I spoke to was extremely rude to me. I was extremely offended by the way I was treated!

On the following morning of August 6th, I went into my office early to use a landline phone and I spent ONE HOUR AND 24 MINUTES talking to “Nicole” in the Sales Department. During this hour and 24 minutes she continually placed me on hold and kept coming back every 10 minutes or so to tell me that she was speaking to her supervisor and that all the confusion and errors were being straightened out and that I would have my service installed the following day, August 7th. Nicole was very very apologetic in how she verbally acknowledged that many errors had been committed by A T & T. However, as you will now read, the fact that she was nice during the 84 minutes I was on the phone is totally without any value at all - as all of her nice assurances - and all of her nice promises -stating that she had indeed solved the problems were nothing but total and complete HOGWASH!

When I arrived home on the evening of On August 7th, what I found was that my service was not installed as promised by Nicole. On the following morning of August 8th, I called again, to complain and was told that there was absolutely no record of my LONG 84 minute conversation with Nicole and that there was no order anywhere for transfer of my phone and DSL service and that the earliest AT&T could install my service would be August 12th by 5:00 PM in the afternoon. This new and latest verbal telephone version of what AT&T could provide – was also delivered with extreme rudeness!

On August 12th, I left work early as I received a call from “Bobby” who told me he had been working on the line outdoors for 2 hours and had concluded that there might be an issue with the line inside the townhouse and he needed to get inside. Bobby was extremely well mannered and a very professional and very respectful and very considerate person. I left work early and I arrived home at 4:15 PM and let Bobby inside the townhouse and he proceeded to continue the work on the line inside and outside.

At 5:00 PM Bobby informed me that my line was connected and functional. The line was 561-392-1602 (the same number I had been given by the Sales Department on August 1st and also the same number that Nicole had confirmed on August 6th.) Bobby used one of the tools he carries to confirm with an audio feedback that the number which was functional was indeed 561-392-1602. Needless to write, I was VERY RELIEVED THAT I FINALLY HAD A LANDLINE.

Just as he was getting ready to leave, Bobby suggested that I call the AT&T DSL department before he left, as Bobby said to me that he was surprised and a bit concerned that he had not been given an order to install my DSL. I called DSL as Bobby suggested while Bobby was still standing next to me and I spoke to Tyrus who proceeded to inform me that “there are errors on the number 561-392-1602”. I asked Tyrus what this meant and he said that when he entered this number in the system it populates that the number has errors – although it does not specify what precisely those errors are. Bottom line was that Tyrus said if I also wanted DSL service, he would have to issue another NEW AND DIFFERENT NUMBER - as the number I was given – and the number that Bobby installed was not available. I told Bobby what Tyrus was saying and in complete disbelief and confusion Bobby said he could not believe what he was hearing. He asked me if he could please speak to Tyrus for a moment and I handed him the phone.

Bobby got on the phone with Tyrus and he told Tyrus he had been listening to my side of my conversation with Tyrus and did not understand what the heck was going on. Tyrus repeated the same thing to Bobby and then Bobby gave me back the phone and he proceeded to check the line once again with the tool that provides an audio feedback and this time we both heard a new and different number, thus realizing that Tyrus had gone ahead and had already changed the number from 561-392-1602 to a different number of 561-368-8084.

Tyrus then proceeded to tell me that since he changed the number at approximately 5:45 PM, I should wait about an hour before calling DSL Support to ask them to expedite the DSL connection. I told Bobby what Tyrus had just said for me to do and again in disbelief Bobby said he had never heard of such a thing and that he had no rational explanation for any of this. Bobby explained to me that he had an order to provide “repair service to 561-392-1602 and that was exactly what he had done. Before he left my home Bobby called in to report to his Supervisor and he tried to explain the whole thing to his Supervisor and his Supervisor was also at a loss to explain what the heck was going on.

Following the instructions given to me by Tyrus, I called DSL support at 7:00 PM and was on hold for over an hour. Finally I spoke to a person by the name of Tanisha who told me that the 561-368-8084 number was in name of someone else and there was no phone number under the name of Sara Fernandez and also there was no order for DSL under my name. I asked to speak to her Supervisor and she transferred me to David (who identified himself as a Supervisor) who proceeded to tell me exactly the same thing Tanisha had told me. David spent quite a bit of time placing me on hold while he said he was doing research – just as Nicole had done on August 6th – and said he did find my previous Pompano Beach account at 954-979-8109 and that the Pompano account was STILL ACTIVE AND NO RECORD OF A REQUEST FOR TRANSFER APPEARED! David said there was nothing he could do for me as this was an issue to be handled by the sales department and of course – the sales department was closed until tomorrow. Here I was once again, in exactly the same place I was before speaking to Nicole on August 6th. Back and forth – back and forth – back and forth – like a tennis ball. Not one single person that I spoke to employed by A T & T could explain to me what the heck was going on. I did not speak to one single person employed by A T & T that was in any way capable of generating any kind of real solution. Some of the people I spoke to (Nicole and David) – actually saying “I am sorry you are experiencing so many difficulties” and yet unable to provide any kind of a solution or rational reasonable explanation for all the incompetence, the inconvenience, the rudeness, the infinity of errors!

The following morning, August 13th, I once again called the Sales Department from my office at 8:00 AM and spoke yet again to another sales agent who once again had me on hold back and forth for an hour and 20 minutes while she advised over and over that she was working on my problem. I have always thought of my problems as those which I bring upon myself due to a personal and individual error in my own judgment.

This ridiculously long list of problems are AT&T problems, brought on by the incompetence of AT&T!

After a very long time on hold, the sales rep advised that my new (3rd number issued) was now going to be 561-447-0731. The sales rep said there was also and AGAIN an “error” with this number – but it was the kind of “ERROR” that could be easily “cleared up” by the IT department of AT&T. She asked me to continue on hold while she communicated with the IT department. She came back on the line and said that IT would clear it up in approximately 4 to 6 hours. She said she would call me back as soon as she received a confirmation email from the IT Department. When I got home, there was a message on my answering machine advising me that she received the email from the IT department and that the number had indeed been cleared and that I should have no problem when I called the DSL department. I called the DSL department and was told “I’m not pulling up that number” and again “that number does not come up” and so forth. The same exact situation. I was told that “MY PROBLEM” could only be straightened out by the sales department and that they were now closed and that I would have to call them back tomorrow morning. I hung up.

. Here I was once again, in exactly the same AT&T HELL OF INCOMPETENCE I was before speaking to Nicole on August 6th. Back and forth – back and forth – back and forth – like a tennis ball. No one knows what the heck is going on. No one capable of generating any kind of solution. FALSE PROMISES! NO SOLUTIONS TO – YOUR PROBLEMS!

Just like a great number of professionals in the United States, I use my landline to participate in business telephone conferences. I use my internet service to continue working in the evening when I arrive at home. Being without a landline and without internet is not only a personal inconvenience – it is a GREAT PROFESSIONAL INCONVENIENCE.

This infinite series of futile and time consuming phone calls continued while AT&T employees continued to issue even more telephone numbers. The AT&T employees continued to apologize in android-like voices and continued to assure me that this nightmarish incompetence would end and I would indeed have DSL and a telephonic landline. This was actually accomplished, only to discover that the DSL speed I purchased and utilized in my previous address was not AS PROMISED BY AT&T available at the Boca Raton address. Had the sales department at AT&T been forthright and honest from the very beginning, I would have thanked them and gone with Comcast thus avoiding the personal and professional inconvenience and aggravation.

AT&T also mailed me a set of telephones that I did not need, do not need, did not order and of course refuse to pay for. When I opened the box and viewed the telephones, I called the sale department immediately to complain. I was told that they were, again, very sorry for THEIR LATEST ERROR and I was now FACED WITH THE BURDEN AND THE RESPONSIBILITY for correcting THE LATEST AT & T ERROR. I was told that it was MY RESPONSIBILITY to contact UPS and mail the phones back to AT&T. I told the sales representative that it was their error and they were responsible for having UPS pick up the phones. I instructed the sales representative to cancel the phone line and the slow DSL and hung up.

This nightmare was followed by an experience as to how things SHOULD BE. I proceded to call Comcast and in a few short minutes, I ordered Comcast to add the fast speed DSL and a phone line to my existing free cable service. Two days later (less than 48 hours) Comcast delivered both exactly as promised. Effortless high quality customer service.

To write that I am unhappy, disappointed and furious, does not even come remotely close to expressing what I think of AT&T and what I feel when I think of the great loss of my time and the great inconvenience caused to my personal and professional life. AT & T is completely responsible for my becoming an almost daily AT & T BASHER. I take advantage of every single opportunity that presents itself to BASH AT& T - and I plan to continue doing so.

There are no words available in my vocabulary that would accurately describe the lousy lousy impression and the low low low opinion I have of AT&T! I have never – in my 60 years of life in South Florida attempted to do business with any company that is as INCOMPETENT as AT&T. Some of the people I spoke to were literally rude and offensive to me. With the exception of Bobby, all of them made promises they did not keep.

My impression was consistently that I was dealing with a series of completely different and completely independent entities that required that the other entities contribute to the final outcome of a service - and yet each entity DIDN’T HAVE A CLUE WHAT THE OTHER entity WAS DOING. There was absolutely no cohesiveness, no communication, no teamwork between one division of AT&T and another.

I will NEVER recommend AT&T to anyone for personal or for business services. On the contrary - as I wrote - I will continue to BASH AT & T and tell my story of how incompetent they are at every possible opportunity.

What I will do – is what my brother and my friends did with me before I made the gigantic error of not heeding their advice! I will share my horrible experience – MY AT&T HORROR STORY – and I will say “don’t do business with those people – consider yourself forewarned! – if you do business with AT&T - you will regret it!”

This is what I was told by others as they also have their own AT&T horror stories. I am now being told “I told you so” from friends and family and realize I should have listened to them when they advised me to go with Comcast or some of my other available options!

Almost everyone at work that knows of this incompetence has shared their own horror stories and told me that they do not use AT&T services because of their own negative experiences. Fortunately for the consumers of telecommunications services – more and more options are becoming available every day.

AT&T is NO LONGER THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN! It is indeed possible to have internet and phone service with other competing companies and not have to do business with AT&T at all! It will take time, and with a steady increase of disgruntled customers AT&T will feel that slow trickle of loss over loss over loss - and eventually AT&T will no longer be the large and stable company that has the largest market share.

General Motors is almost history now and no one would have believed it was possible just a few short years ago. GM did not place their customers first and it became the recipe for their demise. AT&T will experience the same outcome. The demise of AT&T will be no accident of nature. AT&T will have earned it’s own demise. It will not happen in one year or two years – but it will come. I am certain of this! Many will wonder why and how this could happen to AT&T.

I will not wonder. I will know why! Incompetence, lack of professionalism and non-existent customer service and a complete absence of business ethics. It never fails. It inevitably equals… THE END.

AT&T is consistently billing me for the above and I have of course refused to pay them. AT &T has proceeded to refer the monies they claim I owe them to a collection agency. AT & T has now added to the nightmare by ruining my credit. I would greatly welcome the opportunity to stand in a courtroom and explain why I refuse to pay their bill.

Sara Fernandez

on October 23, 2010 5:34 PM

I just had the same horrify experience with Uverse internew. So the bad customer service has not changed. Isn’t there anywhere we can voice the hell they put us through for just basic service to be resolved. All I was trying to do was move from one condo to another in the same building and resume my att internet account-five weeks later I finally canceled att. 15 hours on the phone and at least 20 reps…arrghh

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