Where to from here?

10 December 2007
3:52 PM

One week in Chile I was checking my site traffic logs and I noticed a strange surge in visitors. I couldn’t figure out the cause, so I did some poking around Google. After noticing some of the common search terms leading people here, I did a search for “Chile blog” and I was rather surprised to see the following results page:

Ryan's Blog number one in Google search for 'Chile blog'

I never set out to be a blog about Chile—in fact I started blogging years before I went to South America—so it was rather novel to find myself at the top of Google’s search rankings. However it happened, I don’t expect to occupy the spot for much longer, especially now that I’m not even living in the country. I have a few article ideas left that I ran out of time to develop in Chile; those will make an appearance here in the next few weeks. Apart from that, my writing affair with my one-time, long, thin home is over.

So where to from here? I plan to keep writing, but the direction may appear to be changing. From my perspective, it isn’t. In the years that I’ve been writing here it’s always been about things I find interesting (though read the earlier entries at your own risk; I was still learning and it turns out that what I thought was interesting at that time was more or less colossally dull). While I was living in Chile, Chile was interesting. Now that I’m back, I’m looking for different interesting material. I’m currently doing some freelance programming and applying to information science graduate programs, so I expect to be finding more interesting technology stuff and consequently writing more about technology here.

For readers, however, “what’s interesting to Ryan” isn’t a particularly strong unifying thread. If you thought my musings during the past two years were interesting, I can’t make any promises about the future. As for the past, thanks for coming along for the ride.