More English in Chile

24 July 2007
10:08 AM


Last week I wrote about pervasive English in Chilean Spanish. Here are a few more comical examples.


On the road from my apartment to the parish church there is a payphone. It is labeled “Peyfon,” which is pronounced “payphone” in Spanish.

Zapping = channel surfing

“Zapping” is the name of this newspaper’s TV listings section. The word zapping has been appropriated by Chilean Spanish to mean channel surfing. Hacer zapping = to channel surf.

The Making Off

A program that details the making of something is a “making off.” This page from the same Zapping guide informs the reader that the Making Off of the Heroes series is soon. This isn’t an isolated incident either. A quick Google search shows there are marketing companies that specialize in “making offs” and plenty of “making offs” different movies.


Te cagaste: they say “zapping” in Spain, too.

Zapping. That’s a good one. It makes channel surfing sound active and exciting. I think I’ll start using ‘zapping’ in my vocabulary in general. ex: I’ll just zap into the kitchen and make myself a latte now.

Chris Sloan

on July 30, 2007 3:32 PM