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10 December 2006
1:34 PM

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Cueca in the airport
Tom and Meg dance Chilean cueca in the Santiago airport.

After living a year together in Chile we brought Maureen, Meg, and Tom to the airport on Saturday to send them home. Each of them has been a real support being away from home and it was sad to see them go. They didn’t leave without some fanfare, though. We were about to say our last goodbyes after they had checked in when a group of their friends from Santiago arrived dressed in full Chilean huaso (cowboy) costume with their instruments. They played the classic song “Si vas para Chile”—“If you’re going to Chile”—and then some traditional Chilean cuecas while Tom and Meg danced. The show attracted quite a few spectators from around the airport. When it was over, we said goodbye and sent them on their way to Bolivia where they’ll be visiting their host families before going home.

Until the cycle begins again when the new associates arrive later this month, it’s just Caitlin, Emily, Roy, and I. We’re the second-year associates now.


Thanks! Ryan for all the updates.

Mrs. Pequeno

on December 11, 2006 12:24 PM

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