To the south!

2 January 2006
12:22 PM

Starting early in the morning today (how typical), Emily, Caitlin, Roy, and I are headed 12 hours south with high school students from St. George. We’re going on a missions trip. Though I’m not sure what that means exactly, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t mean what you might first think when you hear the phrase “missions in South America.” That is, of course, unless you’re from Utah, in which case I can almost guarantee it’s not what you think of.

I’m going to be in San Florentino, an especially rural area, working with the St. George high school students. When I get back, I’ll explain more about what we did and hopefully have some pictures to share—people who have gone there in previous years tell me the region is beautiful. Until January 13 when we return, I probably will not be responding to email or updating my blog, but you never know where you’ll find the Internet. It’s everywhere these days.


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