Half-Day Weekends

26 September 2004
11:33 AM

This past weekend started the wonderful procrastinatory tradition at Notre Dame of home football weekends. In fact, we've got three home football games in a row. You would think that pep rallies on Friday, ND football on Saturday, NFL and interhall football on Sunday would be all fun and games, but it's hard work too.

On the upside, Notre Dame's team is having a good showing so far this year. After the season opener loss to BYU, most people were expecting the worst. A couple weeks later, we're sitting at 3-1 and looking forward to a big game against Purdue this weekend.

In other exciting news, Carroll Hall's football team (ranked 14th of 14 teams) defeated Siegfried's football team (ranked 1st of 14) today. In his victory posture, Coach Vince Versagli bears a close resemblance to Coach Willingham. Well, at least a passing resemblance, right?

Onward to a week with an exam in U.S. Diplomacy and C++ Programming!