What are you <i>doing?</i>

31 July 2004
1:37 AM

In less than a week I'll be making the long drive from Ogden back to Notre Dame. The return to school raises the inevitable question, "So...what did you do with your summer vacation?" Good question. Here is a quick run down:

Computer programming. I worked for my old high school to develop a PHP/MySQL web application to manage their calendar system and sports results. I'm done writing the system, but it won't be online until late August. Unless someone asks, I don't plan to say much about it because its the sort of stuff that puts you to sleep faster than an 8am class.

Research. Though it turns out I am far better at purchasing books at Amazon.com than reading them, I have been doing research for my senior thesis on cognitive science. I think the topic is interesting, but, again, most people put philosophy right up there with receiving socks for Christmas.

Vacationing. Since I wasn't working a job with strict hours, we took a trip to Hawaii for my sister's graduation.

And, if that wasn't enough, I've been working hard on other tasks like watching old episodes of Friends with Erin & Michael and swimming. It's tough.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my summer.