I Am Buddy Holly

2 March 2003
11:07 PM

It's on the late side, so this one's a quickie. I classifiy this weekend under the title "Eliminate Residual Stress From Previous Week." Mom and Dave visited for the weekend so Elizabeth and I had dinner with them Friday night. Shortly thereafter, the all-star crew of Sean, David, Michael, Chris, Kate, Margaret, Elizabeth, and I held a private jam session in 207 Carroll. Dave brought the guitar funk while some of us showcased our singing talent (Sean, Kate) and others their complete lack thereof (me). "Wee-ooh, I look just like Buddy Holly."

Saturday night Lance was good enough to cook for a couple guys from Zahm and me. Then, Dong and I unleashed the fury and wrath of our mad ping-pong skills on Lance and Johnny. Not a pretty sight for them.

Warning: anyone who does not have plenty of time to waste should not follow this link provided by my roommate: Zookeeper. The surgeon general says playing may be hazardous to getting any work done at all.

My sister says she is going to disown me because I don't call her enough. Erin, if you're reading this: I won't help you with anything ever if you disown me. And I definitely won't call. I think that's fair.