Best Picture Nominees and Ratings

31 May 2008
1:39 PM


I was talking with a co-worker at the hospital earlier this week when he mentioned that he doesn’t watch R-rated movies. Living in Utah, this isn’t surprising; many practicing Mormons shun R-rated movies based on a recommendation or commandment (opinions differ) from their president. There used to be a local video store that would edit R-rated movies and rent the bowdlerized versions, but the practice ended with a lawsuit.

I think life is basically R-rated, and movies have a lot to say about it, though there’s certainly a difference between, say, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle and Blood Diamond. I’ve been looking for some opportunities to practice making info-graphics, so I thought I’d whip up a chart of Oscar nominees for best picture and their MPAA ratings. Even if the winners are disputed, as a group these movies are among the best made, so I thought it would be interesting to show them grouped by rating. I only covered the last 10 years, though it might be interesting to go back as far as ratings data will allow when I have more time.

Best Picture Nominees and MPAA Ratings

In the last decade, 29 of the nominated films were rated R (58%), 19 were PG-13 (38%), and 2 were PG (4%). Of the winners, 6 were rated R and 4 were PG-13.

You can download a PDF copy of my chart or the original data. My sources were the Wikipedia listing of nominees and the IMDB entry for each movie.


Hey Ryan, nice graphic. You should check out this info design pattern library that I found through (The structure of this comment sure is spam-like…)

“I think life is basically R-rated.” I like that one. I’ll use that the next time someone challenges a text I teach because of the author’s use of one four-letter word.

Chris Sloan

on June 3, 2008 10:53 AM

If I stare at that for 2 minutes, and then look at the ceiling, am I going to see the American flag?

(Just kidding—-good work, Ryan. That’s interesting stuff—cheers)

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