Check out these carrots

10 June 2007
5:20 PM

Last year Tom and I spent some time dreaming up slogans for the country of Chile that poked fun at some of the quirks we had noticed in our time here. Chile: Changing Spanish to English, one word at a time; Chile: Our national dish is salt; Chile: Still inventing new ways of wearing the fanny pack. These refer respectively to the omnipresence of English words in Chilean Spanish, the amount of salt Chileans use to season food, and the fact that fanny packs are the cat’s meow here for men and women. Hey, Chile, the 80s called—they want their fashion back.

Anyway, another fave of mine that Tom came up with was “Chile: Our carrots dwarf yours.” Don’t believe me? Check this out:

Giant carrot

This size is pretty typical. If I were a detective investigating murders in Chile, I’d probably add these to the list of potential weapons. Mr. Plum in the kitchen with the giant carrot….