Mooove along

28 May 2006
1:07 PM

As a child, my dad always brought home entertaining and informative cautionary tales from the emergency room. It’s a wonder that I didn’t grow up more scared than I did. One of the many lessons was this: don’t ride a bicycle while walking a dog on a leash. The dog’s erratic movements can quickly set the rider off-balance and lead to a crash. Knowing that, you can imagine my concern when I saw the following scene outside our house:

Cow and biker

The other day Elizabeth and I were walking down the road and we saw this man biking down the road, leading his cow to a nearby pasture, and singing happily to himself (or better yet, maybe to his cow). These are the kind of things you don’t see just anywhere. Though I do think someone should warn the poor sap about the dangers of biking with a cow on a leash.