Patrick in Peru

1 November 2005
8:10 AM

Patrick Fairbanks, a Jesuit priest from the U.S., is one of the many people I met here at the Maryknoll Institute. He was here for a six-week review course, and he left a week ago to visit Peru before returning home. While Patrick was here I helped him set up a blog which he has been dutifully updating with tales of his travels in Peru and Bolivia. Using Bloglines, a website that lets you track your favorite blogs, I read about a powerful experience he had in La Paz a few days ago. Patrick writes:

“I am gawking at hawkers, minding my own tourist business when all of a sudden … I am confronted by a young man wearing a ski mask. He stands before me and points to the ground. Shocked, I thought he wanted me to lie down in the street because this was a robbery. Never mind there are hundreds of people around in broad daylight. I am surely doomed, I think.”

But the encounter was far from meets the eye. Visit Patrick’s blog to read the story about his encounter with this ski-masked-man.