The first of many

2 September 2005
6:28 PM

The last time I wrote I forgot to relate a story from Wednesday when we visited the comedor.

On Wednesday, after serving the people who came to eat at the comedor, I sat down with the priests and seminarians for lunch. One of the priests, Diego, was telling me some jokes before we started. Then, at some point and unknown to me, he stopped telling jokes and started saying grace before our meal. At the end of grace, he said gracias a Dios (“thanks be to God”). Because I wasn’t paying attention, all I heard was gracias (“thanks”), and I gave the natural response de nada (“you’re welcome”). In summary, it went something like this:

DIEGO. Thanks be to God.
RYAN. You’re welcome.

Thankfully I said it pretty quietly, but I hope the people there don’t think I have a god-complex. I’m sure this is just the first of many silly Spanish mistakes, so I should just get used to it.