A Camera Named Desire

2 April 2003
6:27 PM

South Bend put on a beautiful spring performance with temperatures in the upper 70s. Unfortunately, we'll be back down in the 40s and 50s before too long according to weather.com, but it was very nice today.

The economics test went very well on Tuesday, and I will be very happy if my logic test tomorrow goes as well. You might think that a test of logic would be fairly easily to figure out since all you have to do is think logically. Unfortunately, it's not as easy to think logicially as you might...uh...think.

Pictures from spring break are coming up slowly but surely. How many are there? Well, I used Scholastic's digital camera (a very cool Nikon D100) and took over 800 pictures on the trip. Yikes. Now my only problem is that I really want one to take to Ireland in the fall.