B. Franky

12 February 2003
11:44 PM

It seems I forgot how long it takes me to read Descartes: about 5 pages an hour. Fortunately, I was able to plow through several hours of reading today. Unfortunately, I had to skip my tap class to do it. Boo. I'd say I wish it were Friday, but that means my paper would be due sooner.

I got my practice GMAT scores back today; I did pretty well, but it turns out that I haven't taken a math class relevant to the test in the past 3 years or so. Thankfully I have almost a year to brush up on those fun algebra tricks. Kaplan offers a few prep methods: $30 book or $3000 class. Hmm...which option would the smart business student pick?

Two words and a number that make you cringe in the morning: "Daytime high: 23?F." That's South Bend in the winter.

Goal for tomorrow: go to breakfast so I can pick up some coffee to help me make it through the day. As Benny Franklin said, "Late to bed and early to rise makes you ridiculously tired."